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New Service Partner: Evoluance

March 7, 2024
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We are delighted to announce an exciting and promising partnership with Évoluance, a company led by Sandrine Vergracht, CCMP, renowned in the field of change management. This strategic collaboration is intended to strengthen our ability to help our customers successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities that accompany the ever-changing business technology environment.

As an organization committed to remaining leaders in our industry, we recognize the critical importance of effective change management to ensure our and our clients' competitiveness and continued growth. This is why we chose to partner with Évoluance, a team recognized for its in-depth expertise in this area.

Thanks to this partnership, our clients will have access to resources, tools and innovative strategies that will allow them to anticipate, manage and maximize the opportunities offered by organizational transformations. We are convinced that this collaboration will not only enable them to overcome obstacles with agility, but also to boost their collective performance and strengthen their corporate culture.

“Our collaboration with Forgestik is part of a common mission to support SMEs in realizing their full potential, but also through values that we share. Through this partnership, Forgestik allows us to position the human aspect and change management in their customers' digital transformation projects, as additional guarantees for achieving their performance objectives. We are honored to be able to collaborate with the best Canadian partner SAP Business One and look forward to implementing the collective intelligence of our two complementary expertises”, mention Sandrine Vergracht, Organizational design and change management expert.

We look forward to working hand in hand with the Evoluance team to implement strategic change initiatives that will propel our organization and those of our clients to new heights of success. “I firmly believe that this partnership represents a significant step in our journey to excellence and I am excited to share this journey with our customers”, mentions Daniel Champoux, President of Forgestik.

About Évoluance

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Évoluance supports SMEs in setting up efficient and effective teams. As a strategic partner, Évoluance focuses on human development to transform local businesses into efficient, aligned and high-performance organizations. The team shares its know-how through personalized approaches, adapted to the needs of our clients by proposing creative, results-oriented solutions.

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