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The SAP Business One Roadmap

Naama Aharoni  |  February 6, 2023

Innovative Solutions to Transform Your Business

Are you ready to leverage innovative SAP Business One solutions to stay ahead of the competition and thrive in the digital economy? With its comprehensive road map, you can stay up to date on the planned and recent innovations designed to support your digital journey and help you achieve your business goals. With its broad set of features, global reach, extensibility options, cloud platform capabilities, and more, SAP Business One provides a comprehensive roadmap for business executives looking to implement or upgrade their current ERP solution.

The SAP Business One roadmap has 7 core components:

  1. The Core Product component focuses on improving customer experience through upgraded user interfaces and enhanced data management.
  2. Globalization innovations help businesses expand into new markets quickly via multi-language support and localizations for legal requirements like tax calculations.
  3. Extensibility improvements allow greater flexibility when integrating with other SAP products and third-party applications.
  4. SAP Business One's Web Client helps to improve productivity by providing a mobile and tablet-friendly interface for users.
  5. The Integration Framework enables customers to access their data from anywhere, anytime.
  6. Mobile apps allow users to access data, documents, and analytics on the go.
  7. Cloud-based deployment options provide maximum scalability and a competitive edge in today’s rapidly changing business landscape. 

SAP Business One's roadmap provides insights into the future of your business. It offers invaluable guidance as you embark on a digital transformation journey that will provide long-term success in an ever-changing world.

Planned Innovations in the SAP Business One Core Product

The planned innovations in the core product of the roadmap offer an excellent opportunity to ensure processes are running optimally and staying up to date with the latest features.

SAP Business One roadmap for the core product offers continuous enhancements and new features based on customer influence:

  • Optimizations in logistics and inventory, CRM and service, and financials.
  • Usability and Microsoft 365 integrations.
  • SAP's intelligent ERP elements, such as machine learning and process automation, are integrated into the system for smooth operation.
  • Integrations to SAP's Product Footprint Management solution.
  • Online banking is streamlined using payment gateways used at SAP.
  • Finally, SAP Business One will optimize lifecycle management to ensure smooth upgrades and installations. 

Planned innovations in the core product of SAP Business One can bring immense value to business executives, making their operations more efficient and cost-effective. Organizations can increase customer satisfaction and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) by optimizing core processes across multiple platforms.

Additionally, leveraging the latest versions of operating systems, database engines, or browsers will help businesses roll out innovative solutions faster and with greater ease than ever before. All this adds up to a comprehensive solution that enables organizations to meet the changing needs of their customers while providing an attractive offering for potential new adopters. 

Planned Innovations in SAP Business One's Web Client

For business executives who are already using or considering implementing SAP Business One, the Web client roadmap offers planned innovations that will extend the functional scope and coverage of the software.

This includes extended business logic coverage and user experience in the following areas: 

  • Extended sales and purchasing coverage.
  • Financials with extended payments support.
  • Inventory management for greater efficiency in tracking stock levels.
  • Project management for improved coordination between departments.
  • Production to meet greater demand volume.
  • Human Resources to manage employee records more efficiently.
  • Analytics, reporting, and printing capabilities.
  • The new Horizon theme from SAP also enhances user-friendliness.
  • Finally, integrations and extensibility capabilities will be extended, including Microsoft 365, Outlook, and Teams, for improved collaboration between departments. 

For business executives, the planned innovations in the SAP Business One roadmap can significantly extend the value of their investments. The extended functional coverage will help to reach a broader target audience, increase competitiveness and efficiency, and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). Additionally, the expanded market coverage will offer global opportunities for growth and success. SAP Business One's web client promises to provide an efficient digital platform to manage operations, freeing up valuable time for higher-level tasks. These innovations create a powerful combination that offers significant advantages over other solutions available today. 

Planned Innovations in the Globalization Space of SAP Business One

The planned innovations in globalization are vast. Several legal compliance and localization enhancements have been added to ensure businesses remain compliant with local regulations and practices while expanding functionalities to new markets, including increasing supported languages. 

Further additions include:

  • An electronic documents framework that provides country-specific built-in content and an electronic file manager add-on.
  • An Electronic Document Service component extension for enhanced functionalities.
  • Integration with existing cloud services from SAP to provide digital compliance platform support and advanced compliance reporting solutions.
  • IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standard) support.
  • US Tax service enhancement with Avalara integration.

The planned innovations in the Globalization space of SAP Business One are sure to be a major draw for business executives. These developments will help businesses run smoothly worldwide, increase relevance for new customers, and help installed base customers meet their legal obligations with legal compliance. Globalization can also provide competitive advantages that differentiate a business from its competitors and reduce costs while increasing customer and partner satisfaction. 

Planned Innovations in Extensibility of SAP Business One 

For business executives, SAP Business One's extended extensibility is ideal for meeting today's market's ever evolving and increasingly dynamic needs. With fully integrated solutions that extend horizontally and vertically, SAP Business One has been optimized to include an enhanced service layer API, web client extensibility, event service support, and Windows 11 support - all of which serve to expand the addressable market by providing a robust API for both SQL and SAP HANA. 

Moreover, this extensibility allows for flexible integration in customer projects, enabling solutions to run smoothly in the cloud by detaching the applications from the underlying infrastructure. As a result, business executives can expect to leverage SAP Business One’s innovative extensibility features to ensure that their businesses are better equipped to meet the constantly changing needs of today's market.

Planned Innovations in Integration Framework of SAP Business One 

As business executives, integrating systems is paramount to streamlining processes and scaling operations. SAP Business One understands this importance, which is why they have planned innovations for the integration framework that will help ensure seamless integrations with little or no effort to other SAP and third-party applications.

Through the new capabilities of: 

  • A business process model and notation (BPMN)-based management layer.
  • Mapping between DI API and service layer.
  • A flexible event-handler mechanism to replace the event sender.
  • Support for advanced user authentication,
  • and security enhancements. 

SAP Business One can help businesses move forward with confidence by taking advantage of the straightforward and highly flexible capabilities that make its integration framework a key differentiator, turning SAP Business One into a robust business platform. This will help extend system and business network capabilities while providing data provision to any external system and data consumption from any external provider. With these planned innovations, businesses can trust that SAP Business One has their best interests in mind when it comes to integrating systems.

By leveraging this integration framework, your organization can benefit from straightforward and highly flexible capabilities, ultimately making SAP Business One the critical differentiator that turns it into a robust business platform. This feature could be a game-changer when it comes to scaling operations.

Planned Innovations in SAP Business Mobile Apps 

The planned innovation for mobile apps is an exciting development for business executives. Businesses can create new growth opportunities by empowering their workforce to be more flexible and efficient.

The service app will allow ticket creation from any device, making work processes easier and faster. Additionally, the evolving service layer into a platform for building innovative mobile solutions has opened the potential to increase addressable markets, boosting adoption and productivity. 

Planned Innovations in SAP Business One Cloud

SAP Business One planned innovation for the cloud is divided into two different options: SAP-hosted and Partner-hosted. For business executives, this means more straightforward consumption and the best scaling of the product.  

SAP-hosted offers:

  • Improved self-services for resellers.
  • Support for advanced user authentication.
  • An integration framework 2.0 to support shared service units,
  • and security enhancements.  

Partner-hosted offers:

  • Enhanced tools in the cloud control center focusing on hosting partners.
  • Improvements for user experience, monitoring, and performance.
  • Additional support for advanced user authentication and tenant configurator.
  • Integration to Microsoft Active Directory organizational units.
  • Lifecycle management optimization. 

SAP Business One offers  an attractive cloud deployment option that is easier and more affordable, reducing the total cost of ownership. It also provides better tools for hosting partners and new opportunities to grow their businesses. With fast delivery time and simple, intuitive solutions that allow businesses to run efficiently, SAP Business One is the perfect choice for executives looking for a scalable technology that can give them a competitive edge.

In Summary

The SAP Business One roadmap is designed to significantly improve the platform's capabilities and provide executives with various growth opportunities. Plans for Extensibility offer an array of features and solutions specifically engineered to extend SAP Business One's reach and optimize efficiency, performance, and cost savings. 

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